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Roof Cleaning is One of Our Specialties!

Using only the roofing industry’s recommended pressures and products, from very low pressure with low percentages of chlorine for asphalt tile, to 1,200 psi for concrete tile using only hot water with significant wash volume, we bring our roofs to a full and complete clean without the deterioration of roof fasteners, tile breakdown, and color loss caused by high concentration chlorine methods.

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Shown here are the effects of successive chlorination in tile roof cleaning. At one time, these tiles and ridge mortar matched in color. Notice the bordering effect of the ridges to the bleached out roof tiles. Also notice the roof to the far left, still with the natural tile color now absent in the two roofs to the right. Chlorine not only destroys the color and strength of the tile, it destroys the metal fasteners that keep your roof intact.

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